1C:Enterprise 8.x reset information base password

This post describes how to reset information base password in 1C:Enterprise 8.x.

1. Open database file 1Cv8.1CD using WinHex
2. Make search of string users.usr in Unicode mode
3. Go to the 00 bit before 09 bit in the line containing users.usr as shown on screenshot

4. Replace 00 with 01
5. Make search for a string v8users in Unicode mode
6. Replace V8USERS with C8USERS
7. Save file
8. Minimize WinHex and launch 1C:Enterprise
9. Select information base from the list and open it with Designer. Password will NOT be asked.
10. Minimize 1C:Enterprise and switch back to в WinHex
11. Click No in the following message box.

12. Cancel action made at steps 4 and 6
13. Save file, close WinHex and switch back to 1C:Enterprise
14. Click in the main menu Administration – Users
15. Add new user:

  • on General tab set login and password for a new user
  • on Advanced tab set up rights, interface and language

16. Restart 1C:Enterprise and log in with new account.